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  • NEW Honeywell BW Clip4 Multi-Gas Detector!

    The newest release from Honeywell in the BW Gas Detection range is on the verge of launching in the form of the seriously spiffy looking BW Clip4 Multi-Gas Detector.

    Aesthetically, the Clip4 introduces the new look housing complete with LCD screen, available in the BW signature yellow and also in black. The compact, light-weight design and simplistic single-button operation of the previous Clip series units has been maintained for ease of use and mobility for the user.

    But don't be mistaken, the Clip4 features much more than just a face-lift. The brains trust at Honeywell have been steadily introducing more and more technical features and upgrades to the BW series with each release and the Clip4 is no exception. The most notable being an upgrade to a multi-gas Detector (H2S/CO/O2/LEL) and the new charger-less, 2-year continuous runtime battery and sensor lifespan guarantee. No charging required. No sensor replacements. Just turn it on and you're good to go. And Honeywell are putting their money where their mouth is by providing a two-year warranty. And after two years, simply replace it, switch on the new one and start again. Simple, efficient and cost-effective.

    The BW Clip4 provides a low-cost, hassle free gas detection solution that is continuously working to keep you safe 24/7.

    To find out more about the BW Clip4 or any other Gas Detection products, call us on (02) 4968 4600.